About us

We’re here to help everyone achieve optimal health.

By being a proactive resource of personal health related insights, OptiHealth helps to pave individualized and educated paths to better health.

Test. Treat. Thrive.

Born from over twenty years in the laboratory testing industry, OptiHealth is a science-based human health company offering an expansive selection of at-home diagnostic testing and follow-up support. After a brief survey to determine which tests best address individual health concerns, our comprehensive team of doctors, dietitians, and experts analyze results and provide valuable insights into your results.

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Our Purpose

Offer a path to better health by empowering people with a broad offering of at-home diagnostic tests and a team of health experts focused on achieving wellness at the cellular level and vitality at the life level.

Our Mission

We empower the health-conscious with an at-home diagnostic testing solution that tests, treats, and ultimately guides the way to optimal health.


Join our team and help shape the future of
at-home health testing.

We’re on a mission to make proactive health monitoring accessible to everyone, and we’re looking for talented individuals to join and help us on this exciting journey.

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